40 % of your friends purchase? 

Our advocate. Our collaborator. Our friend. Our avid supporter. 


As an ambassador, When you share B.Grace with a friend, family or your community, and they buy online from us at full price, you get 40% of that sale when you let us know within one week.

We believe business is changing. We're on the forefront of it.


You, our brand ambassadors are our voice in the world. We're committed to beautiful products being shared in the mainstream, so we've patented a new way of doing business. We're going to pay you for sharing. For spreading our beautiful organic, adaptogenic, vitamin-rich products.

This is a neighbor sharing her favorite new cream with a friend. This is a start-up opportunity. This is a window to greatness. It is also a business opportunity with zero expenses or start-up, massive potential and fast payments. It's access to fast cash for mothers, workers, fathers and daughters, those with verve and ambition and a love for wellness. 

You share, we benefit. 

We use organic ingredients when possible, and have the highest amount of actives in the business. From the farms that grow our ingredients to the people who use the products, to our ambassadors who daily share the benefits of B.Grace, everyone plays a relevant, valued role within the organization. We do extraordinary things together. Our lives are dedicated to making an impact through our valued work. 

Here's how it works.

Let us know you want to be an advocate by emailing us here. Then, you share B.Grace with your family and friends. You buy on our website and are shipped the product. Within a week of their purchase, let us know they've bought, their name and location, and that you were the advocate, and we'll pay you 50% of the sale within a week of the product hitting our bank account. That is the same rate that a store who carried us would be getting; you're our vendor. Due to the high rate of payout, this cannot be combined with any other offer. If you or they wish to use aa special offer, the value of that is deducted from your total. 


Get to know our products. 

You'll find all the information you need on our website to get to know our products. Study it, then share B.Grace with those you love. Get them to buy as usual on our site. Or you can place the order for them using your card. 

Share it with those you love, representing us as an advocate and a supporter of the work we do. If you decide to become an active advocate, we recommend that you buy products so you can share the texture, scent and results. Let us know, and we'll offer you a special discount. Email us here

Is this available worldwide?

Right now this is only available in the US, but we are growing quickly. If you are interested in becoming an advocate, and from outside of the US, let us know. 

There are welcome caveats and frameworks for greatness.

You are responsible for emailing us within the week, telling us they are your clients. If you do not, we cannot credit you. The sale needs to be directly attributed to you. Email us here

Clearly, we want you to be ethical and represent our products well. If we don't feel that is occurring, we may remove your right to sell us. Please learn and read our website, and stand in integrity, kindness and truth when sharing and selling our brand. The quality of our products stands second to none, and sharing them is easy. Results are positive. 


Make sure you are honest and don't use this as a method of dealing with judgment for dollars. All our beautiful, and we celebrate that beauty and support the expression of each unique face and body, bringing it back to harmony and wellness. We stand in love, truth, beauty and integrity. 


We do not pass on your emails to anyone, and it is kept safe.


The minimum value on an order for eligibility is $50.

Does this only apply to the first sale?
Nope! Same rules for each purchase through you. In the case of a dispute, we just ask the client. Otherwise, sell, share, bless our beautiful brand and let's spread B.Grace all around the world. 

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