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Our Founder Baji's Story

It’s 2003. I was searching for skincare products that loved my skin, but instead I found two things: organic products that didn’t deliver results and didn’t feel higor traditional, effective products that were filled with chemicals  proven to be harmful.


 I wanted a beautiful, luxurious product and experience which was also healthy and good for you.  The mantra 'do no harm' was a big driver at each stage of the product creation. I refused to compromise for toxic, untested chemical-laden skin care. I wanted to create something healthy for the skin which was equal to any other brand. It felt like it should be possible.  

I spent the next several years researching ingredients, formulating products and hand-pouring lotions from a cottage in the middle of Quebec. Some nights I was up stirring lotions with a hand-blender until 4 am.  I  packaged my first products in plastic containers I bought at the drugstore. In the winter, the pipes would freeze, leaving me to warm my hands on the heater so that they would limber up enough to type formulations. It was long, but the resulting formulations were worth it.




Each bottle is water-free, so it is a full, rich, saturated combination of natural ingredients; they are living, truthful. 

You are not buying thickening agents or powder chemicals; you're purchasing real, close-to-the-earth, carefully cultivated and chosen ingredients.

We focus on ensuring our products are the best in the world when it comes to quality of ingredients, combination of plants, natural skin-renewing acids and extracts, and efficacy. Each product is specifically designed for its impact on skin, leveraging the innate power of plants; adaptogens, extracts, natural oils, seaweed and marine biology. 

All our formulas are vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, color-free, soy-free and synthetic fragrance-free. We formulate with USDA-certified ingredients as often as we can to deliver pure, illuminating and harmonizing skin care.

B.Grace practices conscious, kind creation from seed to shelf.

After growing my brand into five countries, I eventually sold Exuberance Beauty, but felt the calling to return to the products; nature, seasonal harvested ingredients, the essence and energy of the earth. I wanted to formulate new products.

I was determined that every single aspect of B.Grace would be special; healing, helpful and beautiful for women and the products themselves would be exceptional - so I took no shortcuts.

I custom-formulated each one, developing them from scratch, sparing no expense with the ingredient list, to create something meaningful, results-driven and natural.


B.Grace practices conscious, kind creation from seed to shelf.

That includes our packaging choices. From labels to jars to our set boxes, we are choosing ecologically friendly, renewable resources.


All our products are housed in recyclable dark-brown traditional apocathery-style bottles and jars, keeping them safe from UV protection. Instead of outer boxes, we use recyclable tissues, and for our sets, hand-carved wooden keepsake boxes as a legacy to the earth and your commitment to better purchasing decisions. 

We also have a recycling program for all our used packaging in Asia Canada, and the US. 


B.Grace practices conscious, kind creation from seed to shelf.


A beautiful product and self care elevates, empowers and wakes up women to their self worth. We're also dedicated to helping women and children around the globe through vocational training, empowerment, product donations and financial support. Read more here.

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