Gifts for
Teams, Supporting 

Health, Wellbeing, Happiness
& Self-care

Want the 'oohs' and 'aaahs' those great gifts get?


Too many corporate gifts end up stale and ignored, hanging out getting dusted on shelves; ours find their way into the bathrooms and bedrooms, are treasured and loved, reminding them daily of your care and attention to their wellbeing.


Thank you for your interest in purchasing
corporate gifts from B.Grace.

Our corporate gifts allow you to treat your clients and staff to holistic, healthy products, encouraging wellbeing, conciousness, attention to the earth and to promote care for their health. 


Our team is here to support, helping you to choose the right option for your team; we have special packages for corporate gifts and allow us to support you with a personalized call and customized approach. We offer both large and small packages for corporate wellbeing. For larger orders, we'll even send a trained esthetician to your door for facials and a wellness event for your team. 

For all corporate gift inquiries, please e-mail us.

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