The Best Facial You'll Ever Have... At Home.

Part of the fun of experiencing a facial is visiting the beautiful location. but a cozy, tucked-in facial can not only surpass a spa experience, it can win, hands-down. Extractions may be difficult, but the comfort and ease makes up for the lack of otherwise, you'll be amazed at the quality of the experience and the change in your skin. You won't know the difference. Do this with someone, or solo. Try this to experience a spa-quality facial, at home. 1) Make sure you have the following favorites on hand:

B.Grace Cleanser

B.Grace Toner

B.Grace Serum or Oil

B.Grace Lotion

B.Grace Exfoliant

B.Grace Eye Cream

Cucumber or Rose Petals

You can find a spa kit in our collections.

Here are the steps you'll follow for the best-at-home facial you'll ever experience.

1) Put on music you love, and gently and thoroughly wash your face.

2) Get a large pot or your crockpot out. Add a towel to it then cover with water. Heat. You can add a few drops of Lavender, Rose or Roman Chamomile essential oil if you like.

When the water is warm (not boiling), remove cloth and gently ring out. Wait until it is comfortable to your skin, still quite warm, but not so hot it is uncomfortable. Apply to freshly washed skin. Let soak in, and lie back and get comfortable. Lay the freshly cut cucumbers (soothing to the eye, even though this seems old-school) or dip the roses quickly into the warm water (this will extract and release the oils), and gently lay those over your eyes. You can layer these if you like.

2) After 10 minutes, or when it gets cool, remove cloth and apply exfoliant to your skin and neck. Using giant circles, scrub skin until it is smooth.

3) Apply a dime-size drop of serum to skin. Massage your skin and make sure that you press gently on pressure points. Use upward strokes to gently, kindly relax muscles.

When you are finished your massage, lay back for 10 minutes. During this time, think about how amazing you are. I mean it. What about yourself are you grateful for? A beautiful spa experience and facial is an opportunity for self-care, within and without.

4) Apply a dime-sized amount of lotion once the serum has fully soaked in.

5) Gently add eye-cream underneath and around eyes, using your ring finger to ensure a light pressure.

Look. Appreciate. Marvel at your beautiful skin. The most important thing you can do during the facial is this: remind yourself that you are worthy of the self-care and self nurturing you need. Your skin and the products will take care of the rest.

WIth love,


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