Why Adaptogenic Ingredients are the Best thing to Happen in Skin Care since Cream.

If you thought your lotion from a pharmacy or that $200 cream was good, then you are't looking at the extra elements; hydrosols, creams, and most lotions rely on the efficacy of chemicals. These do not, and can not, match mother nature. They're bandaids, and eventually we become reliant, unnecessarily, on them. You, in a state of wellness, will not need them. Your skin, supported with the right natural elements, will naturally right itself.

Adaptogenic creams are the new powerhouse; not only are these natural ingredients potent and effective, full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that support your skins health and appearance, they have the ability to adapt as your skin changes. The power of adaptogenic ingredients is their ability to harmonise according to the body they are applied to; they're literally able to create balance, bringing different things to different skin. That mean that your B.Grace cream, which is formulated with a high volume of adaptogens, will offer you different benefits than your friends, your mothers or your neighbo

rs, according to your unique needs, the season and the time of day. Much like a multivitamin, adaptogens, when applied to your skin, will bring the right balance of change. Prized in Ancient China for thousands of years, and once the domain of Emperors, Adaptogens are quite literally, living skin care.

The results? Far and away better than you'll get from a synthetic skin care; while those can initially seem healing, they do not require your skin to balance itself, and relying on chemicals, over time, will not support your skin in harmonising itself. Try them. You'll never go back. Love,

B P.S. That's licorice root in the above photo.

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